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Flat Tyres

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We aim to provide quality service at affordable prices. Our services are provided to you at your convenience, Austech Mobile Mechanic  come to you, at home, work or the office. 
Austech Roadside Assistance Service 24 Hours Sydney Wide Call - 1800-283-488 E-mail

Roadside Assistance

When you are driving an older car that can have issues at any time it’s a good idea to keep the number of a handy roadside assistance service in your car or on your mobile. At Austech Mobile Tyre Services we think it is important to have quick access to roadside assistance when you need it. We can provide the roadside assistance you require 24/7, Sydney wide.


Tyre Repairs and Service

If you’ve got a flat it can be dangerous trying to change it by yourself on the side of a busy road. You can call Austech and our mobile service will be there in a jiffy to assess the damage and decide the safest way to get you back on the road. Whether you need to change the tyre, a quick repair or even need a spare, Austech will know what to do and get you back on the road safely.

Roadside Assistance 24/7

Any car can break down at any time. That is why we know it is important to have our mobile roadside assistance team on call and ready to assist you when ever you need us. We provide Sydney wide 24-hour emergency service and will come as quickly as we can to make sure you are taken care of safely and promptly.

Any Service you Need

At Austech we realise your car can suffer from many mechanical challenges so we are ready to provide the type of roadside assistance you need including:

·         If you are locked out of your car

·         Dead battery and jump starts

·         Your car won’t start

·         Alternator issues

·         Flat tyres

·         Low petrol

·         If you require towing

·         Guaranteed Repair Services

At Austech we also stand behind our work because we are confident there will never be an issue. On the rare occasion there is a problem we will repair the issue at no charge. Give Austech a call when you are in need of trusted, dependable roadside assistance.

No member ship / No Annual Fees required just call and we come to you call now - 1800-283-488

24 Hours Emergency Roadside Assistance

24 Hours 7 Days a Week - Sydney Wide

Don’t be left on the side of the road waiting hours for a friend or towing service to come, Austech Mobile Mechanic is ready 7 days a week.


Austech Mobile Mechanic provides Emergency Roadside Assistance and can assist in helping you get your vehicle back on the road. We do our best in repairing your vehicle there and then, without the hassle of towing it away. Austech Mobile Mechanic helps save you time and money.

 Roadside Assistance includes:

 Car Won't Start
 Car battery jump start & service
 Installing a new battery
 Flat tyre service
 Alternator service
 Starter motor service
 Vehicle out of petrol
 Unlocking a vehicle
  (if keys locked in a car)
 On site Mechanical services
 All Work Guaranteed

Austech Mobile Mechanics provide good, honest, affordable and fast service.


Call 1800-283-488

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